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Issues & Action Committee

Explores ways to implement the Forum goal to "advance women in their professions and the community" by:

§          Organizing and implementing one program per year.

§          Designing and reporting on the member survey every two years.

§          Exploring ways to expand the participation of women on governmental and paid corporate boards.

§          Participating and reporting to Forum members through the website of opportunities in the Missouri Coalition for Minority- and Women-Owned Businesses and other organizations.


Julia Ruvelson
Vice President for Development, Marketing & Communications
Planned Parenthood

Admissions Committee

§          Manages the nomination and selection process for new members.

§          Cultivates potential new members by reviewing special sections of Post-Dispatch and Business Journal, i.e. New to Town, etc.

§          In conjunction with the Member Engagement Committee, provides orientation and a strong welcome to new members, including sponsor involvement in acclimating their nominees.


Natalea Simmons Beaudean

Merrill Lynch


Member Engagement Committee

§          In conjunction with the Admissions Committee, provide orientation and a strong welcome to new members, including sponsor involvement in acclimating their nominees.

§          Encourage members to attend Forum events.  

§          Inform members about each other and facilites connections and contact among members.

§          Maintain channels for members to provide feedback, ideas and suggestions for Forum, including the implementation of a bi-annual survey with the Issues and Actions committee.

§          Work with the PR committee to increase the visibility of Forum members in the community and to raise awareness of the Forum with new women leaders in the St. Louis area.

§          Educate members about the Forum processes for admissions, governance and leadership and encouraging individual members to take an active part in these processes to the fullest extent of their desire.

Lynn Barnes




§          Meets two or three times a year to brainstorm potential speakers and topics for monthly Forum meetings.

§          Contacts and confirms speakers.

§          Works to ensure timely, interesting, and diverse content to enlighten, energize, and involve Forum members.

§          Notifies members of the monthly program content.

§          Thinks creatively and strategically about how to keep St. Louis Forum Members engaged.

Robyn Frankel

Frankel Marketing / PR
314 863 3373

Public Relations Committee

§          Provides communications to Forum members through e-mail and the Web.

§          Provides communications to the public when appropriate, such as social action initiatives and relevant Forum news.

Cathy Dunkin 

Washington University, Olin Business School
314 935 8166

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