Promotes the Forum and its activities to members and external audiences, as appropriate. Develops tools and resources to ensure members are aware of organization goals, activities and other member accomplishments. Tools and resources may include newsletter(s), website content, and press releases.

Communications Chair: MaryAnn Taylor Crate

Principal/Owner, Added Dimension LLC

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Issue Exploration

Creates an opportunity for members to engage on an ongoing basis and expand their knowledge of a specific topic that impacts the advancement of women
Identifies annually a broad issue that impacts the advancement of women; develops and conducts special programming that enables members to deepen insights relative to the issue over the course of a year; and captures insights in an annual report to the membership.

Issue Exploration Chair: 
Susanne Evens 

Founder & CEO, AAA Translation, Inc.

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Ensures Forum membership represents and retains a cross-section of influential women leaders from the greater St. Louis community. Manages the membership admission and retention processes, new member orientation and other ongoing outreach to ensure members affiliate with the organization. This is the nomination committee that will grant access to the scoring mechanism for new member nominations.

Membership Chair: Ekin Pellegrini

Founding Director, Doctor of Business Administration, University of Missouri - St. Louis

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Programs & Events

Creates distinctive opportunities to connect with other members as they grow personally and professionally

Plans for and conducts a minimum of one program per month that enable personal and professional growth among one or more subsections of membership; programs/events include monthly luncheons and/or morning/evening/weekend activities.

Programs & Events Chair: 
Debi Corrie

CEO, Acumaxum, LLC
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Trailblazer Award Selection Committee

All past Trailblazer Award winners are members of the nominating committee. The chair is either the President-elect or the Past President of the board.

Trailblazer Committee Chair: 
Sheila Burkett, Past President

CEO & Founder, Spry Digital, LLC

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